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Backlink Checker

Our free backlink checker tool helps individuals with websites and blogs improve their Internet presence by offering a detailed backlink analysis that highlights the total number of backlinks that are listed on Yahoo. Use your free detailed backlink report to enhance your search engine position on Yahoo. Using our free backlink checker tool can help your websites and blogs attract a fair share of 1.5 billion visitors that use Yahoo each day to conduct searches. Use our free backlink checker to: -increase your websites' and blogs' search engine rank -determine the backlink popularity for any url on Yahoo -find do follow websites and directories -improve your backlinking strategy After using our free backlink checker tool to analyze the backlink popularity of your websites and blogs, take the time to analyze your competitiors' websites and blogs absolutely free.

Link Analyzer

Knowing who's linking to your site, not to mention your competitors, is an important part of SEO. The link analyzer allows you to do this with a single click.After entering in the url of any page on any site on the web, you can view the links pointing to and from the page, including internal links. The most obvious way to use the tool is to find out who's talking about you on the web, and giving you a boost in the search engines in the process. Another way to use the tool, however, is to find out who's linking to your competitors. This is very useful, because it allows you to determine why they rank so well. It's also a gold mine for your own link building.

Link Extractor

The Link Extractor tool helps you to easily extract all of the outbound links from a webpage. It is important to know what other websites are linking to yours if you are trying to improve your website's ranking within the major search engines. Link Popularity, which is the measurement of the number of websites that link to your website, is now a key element in search engine relevancy algorithms. Just enter in the URL of the website that you want to check and you will instantly see a list of extracted links from the page. A quick scan of the extracted links will let you know if your website is included on the webpage. This is extremely helpful in determining whether or not link exchanges were completed on both sides or if a paid link listing has been added to a website.

Link Popularity Checker 

As most people familiar with SEO already know, links are one of the most important metrics used by the search engines to determine a site's important. Knowing just how many links are pointing toward your site is an important part of determining how well your SEO efforts are paying off. You can use the link popularity checker to determine just how many links are pointing toward any page you like. This is valuable information that you can use to analyze your own site as well as other sites you may take an interest in. When analyzing competitors, this tool can be useful for determining just how powerful a competitor might be. You can use this knowledge to decide whether or not the targeted keyword is something that you can go up against.

Link Suggestion Generator

The link suggestion generator helps you improve your search engine results and increase traffic to your website by connecting you with high quality websites that are related to your chosen content. This tool is extremely simple to use. Enter your chosen keywords and search. The link suggestion generator will provide you with websites that have content related to the keywords you searched for. One of the top ways to improve your position on a search engine is to have links to your page on other websites with relevant content. Normally, finding related sites to exchange links with can be a very time consuming process. This tool will help to connect you with the right sites in no time at all.

Multiple Backlink Checker  

How much buzz is there about your site on the web? What about your competitors? How about site's you are considering trading links with? A backlink checker tells you how many links are pointing at a site. The multiple backlink checker allows you to measure the number of backlinks pointing toward several different sites or pages. This tool is especially helpful when you are researching your competition.

No-Follow Finder

Scan a website to find "nofollow" links to various other sites. The Nofollow Finder examines all outgoing links for the specified website and flags links that have the nofollow attribute. Find & identify the "no-follow links" on any website with this handy webmaster tool. The No-Follow Finder enables you to find which links on your site or others web sites carry the no-follow attribute. No-follow means the link becomes irrelevant to the search engines and does not affect the link target's page rank or positioning in the search engines.

Reciprocal Link Checker

The reciprocal link checker lets you determine whether or not a site really is linking back to you. All you need to do is enter in your site and the sites that are supposed to be linking back to you. You can enter in more than one page at a time as well. The tool then tells you how many links are pointed back at your site. Despite the name, this tool can be used for more than just checking strictly reciprocal links

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