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Friday, 9 March 2012

Keyword density placement & Research

Keyword density :- No SEO consultants will tell you the correct keyword density for a keyword. what is the ideal keyword density for your targeted keywords. The reason is because keyword density is tricky, it does not mean that having a high keyword density will guarantee you a top ranking but it will guarantee you a low position in the SERP if you have an extremely low keyword density. The following techniques show how can you achieve an ideal keyword density for your targeted keyword(s).

Places for keywords are important so that it can give the Search Engine an idea of what content are you stressing in your page.We cannot deny that your domain name is the most obvious place for any keyword(s) you are targeting. Choosing an appropriate name for your domain is the first step you should do when deciding on a website. The following explains the other useful areas in addition to the domain names that you should consider when developing your website.

Keyword Research :-You have come up with a great idea for your next web project (or your first web project) and are getting ready to build your site.
Most people go out and build a website, then when after a few months of not getting any site visitors they either give up or think about trying to Optimize their site for the Search Engines.  If you do not plan for SEO to be part of the site-building process, you will probably spend a lot of time going back and almost re-building your entire site later on.
Part of your planning should be to do some research on keywords for your site and pages.  Your selected keywords form the basis for the SEO of your website.
It is getting harder and harder to get a new website to the top of the Search Engines, so your choice of keywords and knowing a bit about them is important to your success.  Search Engines index words (and phrases).  You want the words you choose to be words that are searched for and not too competitive.

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